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Halifax Trip - Day 2

Halifax - Point Pleasant Park, Public Gardens

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R and I sleep in a bit today, and after grabbing a late breakfast we end up heading up to Dartmouth to the Micmak mall to do a bit of shopping (he needs a hat, and I just want to see part of Dartmouth). Going over the bridge you get to go through a toll booth, and the view from the bridge itself of the water is just phenomenal. The sky on the trip has been flawless and great for photography. We arrive at the mall and do a bit of shopping (no hat for R, but two for me along with some new shoes) and ponder what to do since it's a Friday. We end up deciding to do Point Pleasant park, and actually to grab a picnic to take with us.

We stop at a Superstore and grab some salads, then come back to the apartment and make some tuna sandwiches, chop up some cantaloupe and the leftover cheese from the night before. We throw it all into a bag and hop in the car, heading down to the park. Now Point Pleasant is actually located in the rather ritzy neighbourhood where you find all the very expensive and architecturally breathtaking houses. R and I are both dorks for architecture so we thoroughly enjoy the trip out there. The park itself consists of a series of trails that, when taking in their full length, totals about 26 miles of walking/biking distance. We ended up walking along the entire outer perimeter, which probably was a good 5 or 6 miles. Maybe. My ability to gauge distances is pretty poor. We end up settling near the water and having our picnic while watching the boats going by, loaded up with their cargo. We bring too much food and save the salads for a snack later. Near where we picnic is the Halifax Memorial, which is a cross with the names of 3000 men and women in the army and navy who lost their lives at sea during WWI and WWII.

We walk along the shoreline, even though signs indicate to keep out there isn't anyone around to enforce it. A short distance after our rule breaking we find ruins of some buildings (that I still cannot google to figure out what they are) but that are beautiful in their own ugly kind of way. We hang around them and take a few shots before continuing down along the water, walking amongst the rocks. Should you decide to repeat this experience you will get great pictures, but just make sure to wear proper footwear.


We head back up to solid land (and the path) and continue along the outer perimeter until we are near the loading docks. This is where we come across another memorial, but this time shaped like a giant anchor. This is known as the Canadian Peacetime Sailors Monument, and is again for those who have lost their lives at sea. We continue along the loading docks back to the main road and head up to the car. Halifax will forever be engraved in my mind as the city with the worst engineering ever for the amount of hills it has. While I am sure it had some strategic background to build a city in this location my thighs and calves loathe it. We decide to head back to the car and visit the Public Gardens, which is just downtown and with the sun starting to set should provide us with great pictures.

The Public Gardens is just as the name indicates, flowers and trees in a fenced in area. They do request you do not walk on the grass if not necessary and have quite a selection of trails for you to follow should that be your desire. Like my weakness for architecture I also have one for scenery and nature. Thus, flowers and trees are things I tend to find rather beautiful. We snap dozens of pictures in the gardens, and one of my favorite places to photograph is the pond that is in the center. The water has such a reflective sheen to it that I easily take 20 pictures of the pond alone.


Also the park houses a gazebo and a few statues. R and I spend some time recreating the poses of the statues, which just don't seem entirely natural or authentic. On our way to the exit we come across a party taking their wedding photos. The actual outfits they were wearing amused us a bit because it seems like the theme of the wedding was 1930's gangster. They all had the fedoras and the suits from that era, and then the silver chains from the belt to the wallets in the back pockets. We contemplate the idea of taking pictures of our own, but decide not to in case they decide to kick our asses. Leaving the park we instead wander around downtown to take some pictures.

There is a 7 level parking garage downtown that provides you with a great height, but its security detail tends to follow you around to make sure you are justifiably there. We leave after we receive a hard time from one guy and end up in front of St. Paul's cathedral. The story with St Paul's is that one of the priests was apparently in a room staring out the window when an explosion occurred, pushing him into the window and killing him. If you look at the church from the north end of the building the third window from the left has a pane of glass in the upper right corner that looks slightly discolored and different from the rest. If you look closely, you can even make out the silouette of a man standing sideways. Whether intentionally designed like that or not, it's kind of spooky. Granted I thought if there was to be a haunted window the one immediately to its right would be more a better culprit since it looked like someone's face who was screaming very intently. Whatever the case, the cathedral takes some amazing pictures as the sun is going down.


Headed back down to the waterfront and decided to stop in at a little pub on the water called _______. We sat on the patio and watched the boats as they went by and the bikers showing off their rides (a typical weekend affair at the Halifax waterfront I am told). R ends up getting a Keith's and the waitress at the pub recommends a Clancy's for me since I'm not a big beer person. It's actually an amber ale and isn't half bad. After having our drinks the sun is pretty much down so we walk along the water and take a few more pictures before heading up to get R2 at Pete's. We grab some groceries and stop in at the NSLC to pick up some vodka and, as a surprise purchase, some pink bubbly. We get ready and head out to a gay bar downtown known as Menz, which amuses me greatly since I am pretty sure I was the only straight person in the joint. We drink and dance and have fun. On the way there some guys in a ghetto car call out 'hey girl, you're looking tight!' which amuses me too much. We head back to the apartment and drink the pink bubbly, myself being totally drunk and out of my head for the second night in a row. I sleep very very well.

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